Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I need help with my hippness

I've never been one to use slang; I won't even try. Certain words, phrases, and clauses simply won't roll off my tongue, and sound right. Words like dawg or homie, phat or imbusticated, would quickly reveal the dufus within me. Lame? Let's roll!

The first time my daughter used the word crunk, she almost got slapped. "Who you callin' crunk," I said in defense? I remember old-school slang like burnt when someone got — well, imbusticated. Cold-blooded was bad and bad was good. I remember a time when the word cool just wasn't so cool. And, my daughter's high school teachers were all gay, according to her, when in fact, I knew some were not.

Now, with blogging comes a whole new lexicon of online slang, and I hate to admit: I don't know what some of ya'll are talkin' about. So I'm making this plea: help a brotha get his blog-cool on.

Peace-out, on the cool tip.<----(see what I mean? A brotha's a dork!)

Here are some acronyms, or blog-slang I've come across on ya'lls blogs. Help me, I'm clueless. WTF? <----(which rhymes with truck)
Add any others you can think of to the list, but please keep it clean, if you can.

OMG — I think I've got this one. Oh My Gosh!
LOL — Laugh Out Loud, of course

Cool web thing: I don't know how they did it, but it's rad. Wait till it loads, click "start" then click on the screen and hold down your mouse.
Unrelated thought for the day: An interesting thing I pondered while listening to Rush today (paraphrasing): Conservatives tend to live according to their core convictions, their belief system. Liberals tend to live according to how they feel, right or wrong, at an emotional level. Hmm.


Oricon Ailin said...

No Don, you aren't a dork. Ya just gotta know what they mean and you're in! Here I can help ya out.

TMI=Too Much Information

LMAO=Laughing My A$$ Off

ROFL=Rolling On Floor Laughing

IMHO=In My Humble Opinion


ROFLMAO=Rolling On Floor Laughing
My A$$ Off

ROTFL=Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Hope that helps!!!

Oricon Ailin said...

Wait! It just dawned on me what MYOB means! Duh!! *smacks forehead*

Mind Your Own Business

There ya go. I can always put tons more here too.


TTFN= Ta ta for now
SSDD= Same stuff, different day
MTFBWY= May the force be with you
PAW= Parents are watching
POS= Parents over shoulder
PM= Private Message
POV= Point of view
TTYS= Talk to you soon
TGIF= Thank God it's Friday
B4N= Bye for now
BRB= Be right back
BBL= Be back later
BG= Big grin
BTDT= Been there done that

I can keep going on and on...hehehe But, I'll save room for more from others!


Oricon Ailin said...

*doh!* I'm a blonde...I hit the post button before I finished filling them all in.

MTF= More to follow.

hehehe Sorry Don for all the posts!!

Lauren said...

MYOB - Mind Your Own Busines!

:-P *snicker* Yea, that one took me a few to get. :-D

WIP said...

Thanks, Heather, for doing our h/w assignment! KWIM? ... Know What I Mean?

Don, I'll look for this site with many of the 'netspeak' acronyms you've listed and then some. BUT, IMHO, this isn't slang. It's just what it is- netspeak - or shortened ways to say things quickly in forums and IMs and the like. "Holla at yo girl if you tryna speak straight-up slang or at least understand it somehow." "The Brotha Code" definitely is a blog worth visiting if you want the 'real for real' in male bravado verbage. He. Is. Funny. As. All. Get. Out! Parental discretion advised.

Note to self: Never move to Iowa with our young children.

WIP said...

I'm back. I did a "key word" search like this: "netspeak acronyms" and came up with a truckload for you to brush up on. But again I say, that's not the kind of language that will earn a brotha kewl points at a bloggers function. Lame. Yes. Sound'n hard. Not! A fave line from a movie, "So, you wanna be hard like C-B-4"?

Susan Taylor Brown said...

The one that still throws me sometimes because I don't use it very often but other people do is IOW = in other words.

Write on, right now.
Susan, still looking for coffee

Jdid said...

too many acronyms too little time

Nikki said...

TTYL = Talk To You Later
KOTC = Kiss On The Cheek
LMMFAO = Laughing My Motherfuckin' Ass Off
YGG = You Go Girl
POS = Piece Of Shit

Rinda M. Byers said...

LOVED learning some new word stuff...acronyms are addictive, I tell you! WO for that part of it...HTFN...and PUTCP...but I left a response for you, Devast on my author versus writer rant...just had to COTCL on that one.....

Enjoyed the comments all,as well, Rinda

Luke Cage said... gots mad love brotha. The ladies looked out for ya!

Christopher M. Beatrice said...

Dang man I am with ya, I heard a few but who knew about all these. WOW I am floored. Some of those got me buggin.

G. Cornelius Harris said...

WTF? You are a CAN...Figure it out...I'll keep you posted

Rinda M. Byers said...

I forgot to tell the meanings of my acronyms...sigh...

WO Watch out

HTFN Have To Fly Now

PUTCP Pick (picking) up the cat poop

COTCL Clean out the cat litter

Sigh....the vet's wife suggested DIAPERS for our sixteen-year-old cat, Pumpkin...Yikes!!

Don Tate II said...

@Rinda: Cat Diapers! OMG! YDSMB: You Done Spoiled My Breakfast!

Thanks all! I'm now well equipped to be hip.

Jez Chill said...

I'm always asking what various acroynms mean. I can only hndle a few in my vocabulary.

Jheris said...

wow i guess dad your so lame : )

ManNMotion said...

I get questions about OE but I aint tell anaybody nuttin!

Nice unrelated thought. I think it true, some people live according to convictions, others to how they feel. Now, if you're a republican whos convicted to put money in his pocket are you any better than a Democrat who just feels like it? I don't think I'm in any condition to think clearly about this and, since it's your blod and you are the real writer here, I'll pause for relief....

Miss A. said...

Shaking My Head

Susan Taylor Brown said...

Hey Don, Just letting you know I blogged about your voice question tonight.

BTW, What book are you reading?

Rinda M. Byers said...

Don, I forgot to note in my own voice blogs: Sometimes people confuse the word voice to mean a style of writing, such as in the term narrative voice. It is very confusing when the word voice in this sort of vague way, which is why I never say narrative voice myself but use the words narrative style and reserve the word voice to mean a very unique style, truly and personally the author's way of writing or else teh voice of character. It is less confusing then when you go on to talk about characters's voices and all that. Makes it easier for your listener to understand waht the #$%$$$$! you are talking about!

Voice often gets confused with point point of view which is a real nasty little phrase to pin down. For simplicity's sake, I remember point of view like this.

First person point of view, uses "I." "I" see this...often used in YA and MG lit.
Second person: "You." "You" see this....often used in self-help articles.
Third person: "He, she, they, it..." pretty much the most popular way in which most stories for children are told.

Of course, in adult lit, a story can have several points of view, sevearl first person points of view and a third person point of view combined...COMPLICATED!!! WAH!!

You do bring up the interesting questions! LOVE questions! I
have to go author the old website now... Rinda M. Byers

Rinda M. Byers said...

Oops, must have been my clutzy typing fingers, but my comment on the book you're reading got zapped on Susan's blog (I hvae trouble wtih pressing right buttons sometimes)...but it sounds to me, Don, as if you have spotted a flaw in this book. A character needs to sound lke the character they're meant to be, or I get "jerked" out of the story, myself! I've zipped round a few teen blogs now, and they sure don't talk all smooth and polished!

It's like when you watch a wwestern and see the jet exhaust in the background sky!!! (that example courtesy of my husband), when a character's voice doesn't match teh character....AAAHHH. got to STOP all this commentating!

Just because a book is published doesn't mean taht a flaw or mistake doesn't show up in it...depends on how much YOU like the book as to wehter you keep reading it!! I have books I love which have flaws!

The Gig said...

What am I doin here? Dis is a whole new ball game for me.