Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Excuse me, I'm feelin' funky

Have you ever found yourself in a funk and you don't know why? Well, all day long, I've been feelin' kind of funky, and I don't mean stinky. There's an undercurrent of anger flowing low toward my feet and an over current of self pity floating just above my head. Depression is raging midstream. This confuses a brotha because everything seems to be in order. Beautiful wife, intelligent son, a daughter who just graduated high school. A grandson soon to be born any day now. So how come I'm feeling like somebody just stepped on my toes, smashed my ego, and drained what was left of my creative juices? And please don't send any comments telling me how things will get better 'cause I'm feeling kinda comfortable in my funkiness. Cozy, like one might feel relaxing their back on an over-stuffed sofa. Don't promise me that things will look up 'cause I'm content in this juxtaposition of happy to be sad. Today, I'm feelin' blissfully depressed, appreciably perturb and pleasurably somber. Yip, yip, hooray! And boo-hoo-hoo. I think I'll retreat to my funk hole, have a beer. Maybe two. And if the wife is already asleep when I get home after this late shift, maybe three.

Unrelated thought for the day:When Des Moines was my home, I always hated the end of a trip out of town. I had to return to a crummy duplex, in the hood, back home in Des Moines, Iowa. But after this trip, I so looked forward to returning to MY (as in ownership) home, my house in south Austin, Texas. Think I'm finally comfortable with being called and Austinite.
Word of the day: funk hole


Kim said...

I can relate. Still at my dad's house. Although the kids and I are having a ball, I miss my own house.

Enjoy your funk!

Luke Cage said...

The more I explore the blogworld, the more I discover more and more things about myself. Like I'm the only one who goes through certain things. Don, without getting so deep into it, I've been there. Just lurking about, sighing, like what the?

And everything around me couldn't be better. That was years ago though. Now, it hasn't happened in some time, but I meditate and work out whenever a brotha is close to getting that inner sinking & funky feeling..Siiigh..I feel like a wave is coming on now.

Nikki said...

It's like that sometimes, and you really have no explanation why. Just when you're riding on a high, you hit a low for no reason at all.

Lauren said...

I know what you mean...really, I know what you mean. I've been having 'bouts of this lately as well. Maybe we're all in a "funk." It is a hard feeling to explain....and you explained it well. :-D


Brea said...

That was me last week. Enjoy yourself - I think . . .

G. Cornelius Harris said...

Thats happen all this week...I'll keep you posted

Friar Tuck said...

I think this happens just when things are going well. After the mountaintop of all the attention on a business trip, watching the daughter graduate, where else is a guy to go but into a little funk?

Jdid said...

man you're not really in a funk, you're too happy to be in a funk :-)

**RPM** said...

South Austin!!!

**RPM** waves from South Austin

You need a reiki session. My funk always has it's strongest weight at my feet. Don't be grounded...keep on flyin'.

Hope tomorrow brings a better day, and for today, just take a deep breath - and let it be what it is.

The Gig said...

Well, I might as well join the club. I've been having bouts with the same thing. It must be contagious. However, I have never heard anyone say they were comfortable being depressed and in a funk -- but anything is possible. I'm glad you are handling it well.

Now about your comment on my blog, Mr. Smarty pants, you are not too far down that your ornery side doesn't show. I won't tell you that things will get better, but as usual I will refer you to the LORD. Also, if you need "mommy," I'm just a phone call away. That's it -- you miss me. :-) :-)

I aways have to fight the tears when we have to say goodbye; the valuable time I get to spend with you and the family goes by too quickly.

Diva said...

Yep...I'm there with ya right now, my friend. I'm just too busy to talk about mine. Well, (looking at my watch) I do have a minute or two so here goes...
My solution? MUSIC! Disco and stilettos for you, of course, but you get the point.
Keep stroking in your swimming pool of self pity. When you've had enough, you'll get your behind out. :-) Kisses!

Christopher M. Beatrice said...

Me too I have been having those pitty bouts and feeling like crap. But God tells us to speak positive and rejoice in him when we are down. And come up out of the mud hole.

Oricon Ailin said...

I've been feeling kinda the same a funk. It's okay to be there though.


WIP said...

Been there. Theme song we can a.l.l. relate to, relatively, that is. One...two...three... hit it:

Play that funky music white booooy!

Let that resonate for a few and get back with us funk-di-fied bloggers!


Da Brat, LOL.