Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Blogging from Tampa!

The Blog-o-teer: Devas T., I thought you weren't going to be blogging for at least a week, thought you were traveling, making appearances, speaking and all that big-time stuff. What you doing back so soon?

Devas T.: Well, my fellow blog-o-teer, I found a computer at the hotel. And yes, unfortunately, it's a pc. But, if the folks at Blogger don't mind, I don't either. Here's my opening comments at tomorrow's presentation:

I was reading a book on improving your speaking presentation. It suggested that I imagine myself standing naked in front of this audience...or maybe it was I should imagine that the audience is naked. Whatever the suggestion was, I'm feeling pretty naked right about now and all this nakedness isn't helping a brotha out.

Normally, I present to little kids, 4 through about 9-years-old. Normally, I have a portfolio full of my original artwork. Normally, I tell stories and draw pictures. I keep my presentations visual to compensate where I lack with eloquent words. But today, I'm speaking to grown-up adults and all I have is this little disc containing a slide show. I'm feeling a bit stripped down.

How can a non-word person speak to word people? How can I speak to speakers; teach to teachers; inform the informers? I am an artist and my words just aren't quite right. My grammer is broke. My english is broker, and my sentences are overbooked with dangling modifiers. A or an? Is or was? Someone or somebody. And ain't just ain't a word.

But that's enough talk of what I can't do. Here's what I can do:

I can talk to you in my own style, in my own voice(no matter how imperfect that voice may be). I can tell you about myself, what I do and who I do it for.

I'm a visual storyteller. I tell stories with pictures. And I tell them to your children.

And I hope that when my presentation is finished, I have inspired someone to encourage a child to discover, possibly re-discover their own personal talents. And to consider where their special gifts can take them. I hope you will encourage them to take their talents and reach for the stars!

I alway honored and humbled when I receive letters from kids telling me how my presentation made them realize (many of them artist) that they someday want to illustrate, too. Many of them have no idea how they can use their art talents and most of them aren't dreaming that far into the future.

Thanks, Cyn for your input. I so much appreciate what you do for the kid-lit community. A brotha is still scared, though. *heart pumping real fast*

Sorry, no spell check today. But thats the beauty of the blog. Bad grammer and spelling is what makes the blog-o-spere worth reading.


Christopher M. Beatrice said...

No Doubt brother. If you have to try and act like something your not what is the fun in that. And I agree on the spelling and grammer I have crappy spelling and grammer. And use allot of slang and stuff so if we can't keep it real why do it. Besides I enjoy that fact none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. Well I am sure you are gonna do fine tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your trip and keep us informed when you can. Later Chris

Kim said...

I think your opening comments sound lovely! (I don't know why I've been overusing this word lately. I just like the word, "Lovely.") It sounds just like you do right here and I'm sure being yourself will help you connect with your audience. Break a leg, as they say!

greggy said...

hehehe...that's like me, once I went on hiatus and came back the next opening statement was splendid (another fav'rit wurd of mine), just relax and be you as you are everyday around everyone else is always the best approach...

Nikki said...

I knew you couldn't stay away for long. Look at you, hijacking a hotel computer to get your blog on.

WIP said...

I think your enitre post would make for an "awesome" speech! (In keeping with the theme of the previous comments and their most used adjective.) I totally feel everything you share because it sounds heart-felt and "totally" you (another '80s throw-back). As for the grammar thing, I have issues with that, but it's my grammar that I concern myself with, not others-- except for obvious errors in books I purchase-- then, I've been known to get a refund on them bad boys because they were grossly overlooked by their editors. Rant over.

Knock 'em dead, hun, and blog us back to life!

Luke Cage said...

LOL! I stopped here on a whim. I said to self..Hmm, I know he said that he was going to be away, but uh...let me stop over just to see what's what. and here you are back in the Blogosphere. Well, sort of. How's Floriday Maaayynnn? Seems like you've got all your ducks lined up big guy. Enjoy your stay alright? Lata

Oricon Ailin said...

Awesome dude!! Good to see ya bloggin' away from home. hehehe

And the experience I have had, always speak the way you normally speak. Don't act outta character, it makes it look and sound fake.

And, the best thing to do, before you do your speech, pray and ask God to help you say what you need to say, and the words will flow. Have faith! I know you're gonna be great!

Blessings be upon you!

**RPM** said...

**RPM** waves excitedly.

Hello!! I'm in Austin too!!

I found my way here by way of Tiffany, who mentioned she knew another blogger in Austin. I'm a new Austinite, originally from Philly. I've been here for nearly 5 months, and loving it. Diggin your blog, and your professional page as well. I'm adding you to my list because I liked what I read...and hell...a sista is LONELY for some buddies in the Lone Star.

LOL!!! Take care.

**RPM** said...
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G. Cornelius Harris said...

Good opening man...I'll keep you posted

Friar Tuck said...

Sounds like things are going well for you. Congrats.

Michael said...

Hey Don! It was cool to read your reflections of Tampa! You did a fantastic job and I can't wait to see ya again :) And I'm glad you managed to make do with my little mac during your presentation :)