Friday, May 06, 2005

Mother's day sidebars

My mom is very much alive and kickin' and nicely convalescing from a bout with pinkeye back home in Des Moines, Iowa. She WAS the best mom four boy's could have, and still IS. I won't be getting all touchy-feely up in here today. I'll share my personal feelings with mom in the form of a phone call. But I will say here that I love — love — loves me some Mz. Gig. And no, Shelly, that ain't bad grammar. Just so happens Devas T. has his own personal lexicon of linguistic colloquialisms. Mz. Gig is pictured here(50-ish) with my two daughters some fifteen years ago. Not looking a day over 25. Yes, she could have smiled.

On pocketing my emotions
I'm even more confused. Many suggestions were offered, among them:
open up; act human; verbalize your thoughts; share your emotions; take baby steps and show your sensitive side. I do many of the things mentioned. I don't cry at movies, and that ain't going to happen. Women are complex creatures. I love 'em but, none the less, they're complex. I think the Trashman offers a better perspective about men, women, romance and stuff. He does it simply and from a mans point of view. Read the whole thing 'cause the last point, #21 is the most important. Somebody give this guy a book deal! (R-rated, that means Mz. Gig can't read it) Tell me what you think. NOT WHAT YOU FEEL!

On commenting
I'd like to thank those who stop by here and post comments. When I started blogging, comments were the furthest thing on my mind. In fact, I kindly asked Mz. Gig, "please don't comment on my blog." She didn't for awhile. I got my first comment after blogging for about a month, then very few came for awhile. 17 people commented on one post last week. I think I like this comment thing! Sorta makes a brotha feel (there's that damn word again) heard. Some people comment with great depth and thought. Others simply let you know they've visited. Makes me no difference either way, I just like to know someones been here. And when you comment, I'll reciprocate and visit your spot as well. Anyway, thanks!

On lying to the kid
Snerdly has died. *sniff* His carcass is floating at the bottom of the fish bowl, covered in a postmortem coat of slimy white goo. I slipped him out the house and into the back of my garage 'cause I don't have time to deal with a dead fish and Mother's day, too. If the son takes note of Snerdly's absence, I'll tell him that Snerdly is sick, in the hospital. Then we'll make a trip to Petco(the hospital) and bring Snerdly home. "Snerdly's better now, so we can pick him up and bring him home," I'll lie to him. And don't be mad at me for lying to the kid, you did it, too. Last Christmas when you told the kids that Santa Clause came down that chimney to deliver Easter Eggs when they lost their molars to the Tooth Fairy.

Kudos to Bruh Rabbit
Sure as Sunrise: Stories of Bruh Rabbit, my most recently illustrated book has been selected for the Children's Literature Choice List 2005

Unrelated thought for the day: Times are changing. I remember when blaring, profane rap music came from the loud speakers of a pimped out hoopty driven by a teenaged black kid wearing a hooded sweat shirt, bandana and bling. Yesterday it was a balding middle-aged white guy named Roger, wearing a tie and driving a Camry.

Word of the day: chautauqua

I didn't use this word today, just so happens that I grew up in the Chautauqua Park Historic District back home in Des Moines.


Trashman said...

Thanks for the mention. I'll be reading your archives for a while. Like the blog.

Friar Tuck said...

I love the "unrelated thought", although I may resemble the remark playing old school hip hop (MC Hammer, Biz Markee) just to freak out all the old folks when I drive into church on Sunday morning. I think it works

M&Co. said...

I don't get many comments either. It's nice to know someone is out there reading.

Positively Cheryl said...

Well, I enjoy your witing style and illustration ambitions so i'll have to link ya and comment some more. I hope you don't mind?

Happy Mothers Day to you and your Mom...

Jez Chill said...

I'd like to say Happy Mother's Day to all the blog moms and blogger's moms. :-)

Trashman hit it right on the nail!

Comments are great! I only get to blog about once a week, so I definitely appreciate you and everyone else that keeps checking' in.

Christopher M. Beatrice said...

great blog man, hey white people like rap music to lol. I always got it blaring in my car on the warm summer days with the windows down. Nothing like some killer bumpin music. I tend to stick with Christian rap now though. I started listening to it when some of the kids at church where having battles with there parents about the lyrics to regular rap. So I hooked em up and burnt some Christian rap for them. Between me and and this Mexican preacher at church, I think we may get these old hill billies rocking lol. Well enough from me have a great day man.

WIP said...

Deep thinker ... posting...

Why you gotta go and get a sista all excited..."lexicon of linguistic colloquialisms"... "I loves me some" intelligent brothas sport'n glasses... I dig your motley of self-expression.

On pocketing don't even let out a trickle of happy tears, say while watching, "Radio?"

On lying... I'm with you for two reasons: 1) Mom's never immediately replaced the "borrowed" money from my piggy bank, but I got back way more than she ever borrowed. 2) I tell my kids that I don't know exactly what happened to that pretty picture they drew for me? File 13 with all the hundred others; don't worry, I save some of 'em.

On word of the you think that might be where some of our "peeps" get their children's name from, namely, Chautauqua?

Yes, times are changing...and to quote my husband, " That's who is buy'n all our music."

The Gig said...

Dis Brotha is more than okay in my book. You may not show emotions, but I think I do enough of it for the both of us. Here I sit reading your blog with happy tears in the old (still pink) but not contagious eyes. I remember when "Momsie" your grandpa's mother, used to read cards and cry, then daddy started doing the same thing and continues to do it today. I would always get sort of tickled when watching them, and didn't even think I would be doing the same thing today. Thank you for the comments. Since this is getting long, I will just have to finish it on my blog. I love you much.