Friday, May 27, 2005

Deja vu

Author Anastasia Suen had the exact same experience I did yesterday when, through clicking around, she discovered Horn Books redesigned site. She had the better news sense to blog about it, and I hadn't planned to until I discovered one of my books was included on the recently announced awards page. Two problems though. Although Sure As Sunrise: Stories of Bruh Rabbit was named a winner of the Anne Izard Storytellers’ Choice Awards, to my consternation they left my name off the credits, mentioning the author only, and included the wrong description of the book on the awards page. That's the story of my career. God has his way of keeping a brotha humble.

Unrelated thought for the day: Why am I paying $40.00 a month extra for broadband (Road Runner) only to have dial-up speed?
Word of the day: consternation


WIP said...

"Why am I paying $40.00 a month extra for broadband (Road Runner) only to have dial-up speed?" Ouch. Is it that slow? We, too, have RR, but it appears to move fairly quickly. We also have XP.
Yeah, about the "humbling" thing, God is doing a number on RM (the spouse) in that same area. Might I add that what happens to "the head" falls onto the body ... That would be me. I'm feelin' his pain. Ain't life just grand? *Rolls eyes* When God says that HE. Alone. Will. Get. The. Glory. He means it.

Christopher M. Beatrice said...

My friend it could be worse I live in the sticks and believe me you pay for internet. I recently decided to get DSL it cost me 200 just to hook up and now it is 50 a month and sometimes it isn't much faster then dial up. On the God humbling you part, your right there he sure does like to pop that bubble we call a head and keep us remember with out him we couldn't have done it.

Christopher M. Beatrice said...

Hey I also got a question, I finally figured out how to add a picture on here, but how can I can your link and the Gig to my blog?

Friar Tuck said...

Sorry about this.

Similar things happen to me in the church I am at right now. Other people taking all the credit for the work I inspire, and then taking the credit for themselves. Wouldnt care, but when I dont even get a cost of living allowance while our part time student janitor gets a raise...and the secretary...and the senior pastor.

When I wrote in partnership with someone on a curriculum the same thing happened to me too.

The Gig said...

Consider this situation a "must add" to my prayer list. Love ya