Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Welcome TLAers

The Texas Library Association is holding it's annual conference here in Austin over the next few days. Teachers; librarians; curriculum buyers; book sellers and makers — welcome to Austin! If you've found your way here, you've visited my website which I advertised at the conference. Thing is, instead of being here, on my blog, you should be partying down on sixth street, doing dinner in the warehouse district or enjoying the sites in the hill country. But since you're here, please take a look at my books and read more about my school visits. Notice my 2005 speaking engagement schedule is wide open. I'd love to visit your school library to discuss my books, the process of illustrating books for publishers and share some of my original artwork with your students. Ignore all this stuff on my blog about babies mamma's and kleptomania. I'm really a nice guy. Just ask my kids. Two-thirds of them will vouch for that.

A few of my books are on display at the Austin chapter of SCBWI (Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators) booth. I will have books for sale at a discount for TLAers. Black All Around, and Summer Sun Risin', both published by Lee & Low Books, both Children's Crown nominees, are books that I have illustrated and will be on hand. Sure As Sunrise: Stories of Bruh Rabbit, a 2005 recipient of the Aesop Accolade is available at Houghton Mifflin's booth #2123. I will be lurking around in and out of the conference throughout the next couple days if you'd like to get signed copies, I'd be honored to do so. Now get off the computer and get down to the convention center. See ya there. I'll be the lone guy in the corner. The dark one who dislikes crowds, biting his nails.

In other news: Yesterday, while at daycare my son swallowed a rock — through his nose. How — better yet — why he did it, I don't know. But the daycare workers warned us that should we later that evening find something suspicious in the...Ahem... toilet, he's not constipated.

Unrelated thought for the day: There's some places on a brotha's body that should be lawfully off-limits to even his family physician.


hybe said...

Praying for many sales, signings and speaking engagements for months to come. You're a talented brother, just in the prime of your life. As for the rock thing...Ouch! baby boy (Is he the 3rd? My son is.).

On the parts of a brother off limits thing...My husband would agree with you 150%! We actually went to a health and holistic spot this past Saturday during our gallivant to watch an informational video on having a series of colonics done on us.

When I asked him if he'd had an exam in the off limits ... Ahem...and he reminded me of the/his vascetomy and their checking his...Ahem... He said that although the whole idea of inserting a small tube in no biggie, he still don't like it! Period. Point blank.

Friar Tuck said...

It is fun to see your work.

The trickster stories are always interesting to be from a liberation context, as well its relation to biblical literature.


Friar Tuck said...

the be is supposed to be me. Sorry for the typo