Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Undignified gloating

Excuse the capricious quality of my ramble here, but I'm excited. If you’re not a children’s book author or illustrator, this post won’t mean a thing to you. But come back on another day when I’m being the normal ignoramus that I can be.

If you are a children’s book author or illustrator, guess who I talked to today? Yes, on my very own cell phone, for almost 30 minutes! I’m not gonna use my phone or wash my right ear for at least a week! Not gonna delete the voice mails I collected during our week of playing phone tag! Today, I has a conversation with award-winning, author/editor/publisher-extraordinaire, Andrea Davis Pinkney! Andrea, the princess (Gloria Pinkney being the queen) of the Pinkney dynasty of children’s publishing for African American kids gave me feedback about publishing in general and offered some tips on how I can advance myself in this highly competitive field! And, no, I won’t share. Gonna save all that good information for myself. Competitive edge, and besides, I promised her I wouldn’t, so shhh. She ended the call by saying,(paraphrasing, I was a bit star struck) "Remember, there’s only one Don Tate. And there’s nobody better than you." *wiping the sweat from my brow*

You see, I'm not a sports guy, and I don't care about movie stars. I don't follow Kobe Bryant. My thoughts are not about Brad Pitt or Jennifer Anniston. And don't even mention Paris Hilton. But people who make quality literature for our children are my heros.

Also shared lunch with author Cynthia Smith, wife of author Greg Smith who are both themselves, true stars in the field of publishing.

Word of the day: Capricious. In my continuing effort to improve my writing skills, I'm going to add a new (new to me) vocabulary word to each of my blog post.


ShellyP said...

In an effort to never become a blurker, here I am saying 'hi'.

Oh, I like the word of the blog post idea!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That's like PB nirvana. :-)


Friar Tuck said...


I love the word capricious.

I love the movie, the Third Miracle. In it, a priest is angry at God that he could be so capricious. I think God is capricious at times. That is one of the things I love about him.

WIP said...

I'm gonna give a different slant on this...So, you got some much needed advice (yet again) from some well knowns in the field, and you're keeping it all bottled up. I think if it weren't for people who do share we wouldn't have all these wonderful books, the internet, etc. just a plethora of info to use and grow from. I thank God for those who are blessed...to be a blessing.

I try not to be afraid to help others grow if they are truly interested in growing (protege`) and not sucking you for your info (parasite). Because I live by this: What God has for me Is Indeed for Me! His plan for each of us is different. One day, when I grow up and become "recognized" by others (I'm aleady a star in my and my family's book *wink*), I would like to help people who are where once was(I am now), to get to where they desire to be. Mentor, mentee.

I don't know about this society of people who are fearful of somebody being better than them or stealing their ideas (Thank goodness for copyright.). Your conversation with the wise woman and her saying that there was only one Dan Tate was proof of this; no one can do what you've been gifted to do (Once "your" thoughts and ideas hit the canvas that is). Continue to do you. But, if a brother or sister wants to ask your advice, do you give them full fledge advice or do you take 'em in circles trying not to share the true tricks of the trade? I know that the world of publishing is such "sacred" space for some in the industry...I just choose to not put that much trust in man and instead on The One true source.

Okay, rant ov'a...

ManNMotion said...

Hey man, it's good to see you keeping yourself in a circle of virtuosity. Keep it up and good things will happen.

Oricon Ailin said...

Gloat all you want Don!! You should be quite proud of yourself. So many wonderful opportunities are coming your way!

*HUGE SMILES* for you!!!

Blessings be upon you always!

Don Tate II said...


I feel your frustration here. However, this person has been very supportive of me and many other AA artist, writers and such. Were it not for her, I would not be published this day. The advise and tips she gave me were more on a personal level and could be used to hurt her if repeated out of context, so I thought it wise to respect her wishes. Especially since she is in a position to help me.

indigene said...

I would feel this way if I ever met or spoke with Leo & Diane Dillon or Jerry P.! Wow! That's all I can say! Wow! Wow!