Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Royalty season

Nothing humbles an artist's ego quite like receiving a mailbox full of royalty statements explaining how much money your books aren't making. One mailbox, six royalty statements, very little earnings, not one check. And I honestly thought 10 years ago, before getting my first contract, this book thing was gonna make a brotha rich. Or at least send the wife and I on a second honeymoon. Someday. NOT!

The bed and bath collection is another story completely. Nice royalty statement. Very nice! So although people aren't buying my books in large numbers, the numbers say they are decorating their kids bedrooms with my wallpaper, light switches and stickers. Not complaining. Decorate! Decorate! And decorate with my stuff, thank you! Visit Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse! Look for the Kidz line in the children's decor section! 'Cause I'm looking to send the son to private school. And take a second honeymoon.

Unrelated thought for the day: I started this blog for the simple purpose of finding an excuse to write everyday. I'm not a word person, clumsy with words, spoken or written. But an unexpected blessing has come from this in the form of the great feedback I get from people who are actually reading this stuff. Thanks...
well I don't know your name
...but thanks so much to you and all those who have sent emails or posted nice comments.


hybe said...

*LOL* Now, who would have thought that I was quite the "clever" pseudonymer (I know that's not a word). The name is, "Tiffany," as in Proactiff...any. Can't believe I had YOU stumped? Now that I've outted m'self, it's very nice to read you, Don. Thanks for the shout back. Look forward to reading your published work too. And the Lowes decor, seen it and absolutely love it. Maybe on the hubby's next token of generosity I'll be able to give at least one of the kids' room a face lift to include some of your things. I'm sure it won't send you all off to eat croissants in the South of France...But you'll be that much closer to purchasing your tickets, LOL.

And at least your name is on the same paper as the word "royaly"...
Peace & Blessings.

Friar Tuck said...

you have a lot of fun stories.

Maybe I will have to talk to you about the publishing process.

I have always wanted to write something and use blogging as a way to keep me growing in my writing skills, although my efforts have fallen short lately.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hello. HELLO (isn't that what Billy Crystal says) your writing is at least twenty times better than mine... and so i am glad that you have joined "blogs illustrated"

brilliant blarneybytes,
-patty (who
should be from austin 'cause that is my surname)

The Archivist said...

Royalties are brilliant. I'm glad to see that your various endeavours are working out.