Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday tidbits

I will be...Ok, let me get it agent will be showing off my new designs this weekend at the Home Textile Show in New York! I'm hoping to find a manufacturer for a design which I am currently marketing as a bedroom set (one of two designs above; pillows, comforter, sheets, and bed skirts). I'm also in hot pursuit for a manufacturer to produce more pieces for the Kidz collection. Maybe bathroom stuff; shower curtains, toothpaste holders, soap dishes and trash cans. The designs are done. I just need a buyer. Keeping the fingers crossed. And the prayers flowing.

SCBWI's booth at TLA looked great! Thanks for whomever put together that very nice elevated tabletop display. We made a nice showing. I never get an opportunity to actually meet the people who publish my books, but today I met my folks at Houghton; met my folks at August House, and met a guy who just started a publishing company, Riverfront Books whose sister companies are Compass Point, Picture Window and Capstone. Great folks. Next month, I'm headed to San Antonio for IRA. I'll be signing books at the Lee & Low Books booth.

If I can't be at home in the evenings practicing T-ball with the son. Well than—I say—bring the son to the newspaper. Yes, we looked like two fools out there on the lawn of the Austin American-Statesman, fielding balls and practicin' our swing. But we had a ball anyway. First game is Saturday, and we'll be ready.

Blog roll
Finally figured out how to blog-roll. I've added a few blogs I like to read. Most of 'em clean. But in case you run across something that ain't right — I write my stuff, and they write theirs. I'm not responsible.

Been a great week.

Unrelated thought for the day: I'm headed to the vending machine. I'm height/weight proportionate, so I can do that sometime. This guy who makes his second home at the vending machines is slightly bent over, sweating, out of breath trying to reach down over his belly to grab probably his eighth Pepsi for that day (non-diet) out the machine. As I walk by, he asks me if I can reach down and hand him his soda. "Back problem's," he says. I grab his Pepsi for him, but I'm thinking, "Your back is relatively flat. It's your belly, your sides, your face, your butt and this Pepsi's the problem. Geez.


Stanley Rama said...

Wow!...I love the bedspread and everything. If I was a kid I would be BEGGING my mom to buy it for me!!!!
I'm new to illustration but interested in liscencing...maybe one day I'll ask you for some advice?
Anyway, I dig your work!
and your blogging...

Friar Tuck said...


Makes me wonder if it was me at that Pepsi machine. Actually, I have lost around 40 pounds recently, but still a little girth-enhanced. But asking someone to get your Pepsi for you, that is just laziness.

hybe said...

Hate the sin, not the sinner. People still don't realize that overeating is.a.sin. I know that doesn't change things or help the people who are still in denial. I know it was probably hard for him to even ask you, my-from-the-looks-of-it-fit-brotha, but he did and you obliged. Score one for the in- good-health-guy. But it probably wasn't the thing that would send him into "remission or admission." But it was enough to stay on your mind and blog a blurb about it. Therefore, you know you have a bit of responsibility to "pray" for your brother. Not in the way some may think is needed, Lord, help him), but more like God let your will be done...If something happens detrimental to shake things up, we know that all things work together for good...You get the glory... Some don't believe that "prayer changes things" but you and I do. It's a start.

Okay, man, I so didn't mean to get to preachin' in your comment box ;). It must be the sounds of the Gospel cable channel resonating in the background. Forgive me for just being obedient to the Spirit. Have a family-fun-filled weekend with the wife and kid!

The Archivist said...

I think the bedspreads look awesome. I reckon they should be a big hit; I certainly hope that's the case.