Friday, April 22, 2005

3 words

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, my son used only three in response to, "how'd that wallpaper border get torn off the wall?"

His answer: "God did it."

Smart kid. Who in this household is gonna argue with God? Or punish him.

In other news:
They're callin' it a SmackDown. A little—well not so little—office competition between my wife and her upper-middle-aged coworker. The wife was simply encouraging her coworkers to take advantage of the company health screenings. The insecure one took offense. "I'm in perfect health and, in fact, I could beat you in a race." he brags. The race is on. This 1.5-mile race to the death happens this afternoon. Who's my money on? Well, lets look at their stats:

The wife is a cross between:
Halle Berry
Angela Basset
Wilma Rudolph
Lauryn Hill

The coworker is a cross between:
Fred Flintstone
Ricky Ricardo (the latter part of his career)
A grown up Jerry Mathers (The Beaver)
George Lopez

Who's your money on? Here's wishing the brotha...excuse me...the amigo, good luck.

Compadre, if your reading this, I'm afraid you're gonna get your el butt-o beat by a mad black woman-el nino. (A little spanish lingo).

In other news:
The wife hates blogs. She thinks they're stupid, a waste of time. "Why would anyone want to put their business out on the internet?" she asks. Funny thing is, although she reads mine begrudgingly, reads my daughter's occasionally, now she's gotta read my momma's.

Unrelated thought for the day: I'm gonna have to stop bloggin' with my Wacom pen. Looks like I just spontaneously burst all over the walls of Artist Greggy's comments section. One click of a Wacom pen can be the equivalent of fifty mouse clicks, if you're not careful. I'm embarrassed. Sorry, man. (looks like he edited my blunder, thank you)


Nikki said...

From the mouth of babes.

Tiffany said...

I got "five" on the super-model-woman-wife-mother, considering she sounds a lot like me *LOL*. I hope you can "sketch" a pic of smack-down.

I guess the wallpaper denotes time for a "Honey-do" project.

Brea said...

I love reading your blog. I have to agree, a picture of this smackdown is in order ;0)

Kim said...

Can't argue with the God comment. Your mom's site is awesome. And, my money is on your wife.

ManNMotion said...

That pic is definitely worth a thousand words. If you take requests, I'd like the next thousand to be of the race:)

Friar Tuck said...

This makes me laugh

greggy said...

hehehe......hey problem about the burst of comments, trust me...I've dropped by many a site myself and left like 10-15 comments thinking it never posted...I chalk it up to my impatient gene, which apparently is defective.

on this note:
God did it"...that ranks in the top ten for all time excuses no doubt...LOL...your boy got smarts!

Maurice said...

God did it, did he? Okay. Did the acorn not fall to far from the tree Don? The Kolb and Bryson are too peas in a pod. I'm taking your wife in a walk.

The Archivist said...

God did it?

Does your son think you were born yesterday? ;-)