Monday, March 14, 2005

Reality bloggin': Anatomy of an art studio

Reality TV's got nothing on me. Although I won't be eating any pigs eyeballs, here's a look at my messy, but semi-productive when-I'm-not-blogging art studio. I did one of those panoramic shots, standing in the center of my studio and doing a complete circle. No, I didn't clean it up for the occasion.

PHOTO SET 1: Me, red-eyed and grouchy first thing in the morning not appreciating the camera (although I'm the photographer) in my face before getting a chance to comb my hair or brush my teeth; A signed poster of "The Battle of Belle Dorcas" poster illustrated and signed personally for me by award-winning children's illustrator Brian Pinkney; An oil painting of my daughter I created when she was about 7-years old, One half of my children's book collection off limits to my kids; Two empty bottles of Mississippi Mud; My wedding-day boutonniere clipped to a photo of me and the wife; A group shot of authors from the Texas Book Festival, 2001, me included; A leather chair the wife bought me so she could have some place to sit and hang out when I'm busy and can't chat with her over dinner; A picture of my son as he was newly born.

PHOTO SET 2: My collection of old-school tunes for those days that Dr. Laura is gettin' on my nerves; Artwork created in honor of me by Miss Culvers 3rd-grade class, Dallas, TX; A Hotwheels lunchbox and trash can (I like Hotwheels); Other scale-model cars; Photos of my three children although my grown daughters say I try to hide the fact that I have two daughters, not just the son; Sketches and reference photos for the HIDDEN FEAST to publish spring 2006; Work area with drawing table full of Liquitex acrylics, oil alkyds and brushes; An empty box from a brand new HP lazer printer that I've been too busy to deal with and a painting of the wife tucked under the table that I haven't touched in over a year.

PHOTO SET 3: Another work area with papertowels the wife buys me because she can't stand when I use her strawberry print towels to clean my brushes, Clay models I use as reference for my books, A paper cutter too small to use for just about anything, Tax bills tacked to the wall, Newspaper clippings sent to me from Dianna Aston on artist Bill Traylor; My scale-model, fully-functional Harley Davidson; reference books including Cooking and Booking Texas Style in which I contributed a story and recipe; An HP printer and CPU; My wallet sans any money; My computer station (see mom, nothing dirty on the screen); A wacom tablet; Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots mousepad; Franklin Mint scale-model cars which include a 1962 VW van and 1957 Chevy BelAir among others.

PHOTO SET 4: A photo of me and other students who attended a Poynter Institute infographics course; Two trophies (2nd place - open men medium, 1st place - novice men medium) won from the Upper Midwest Body Building competition, 98 (NANBF); Art Director's of Iowa awards and various others including two from the Associated Press; One two-week old banana peel; Antidepressants (for muscle pain, I'm not depressed, I don't think); Top secret contact info for artists and authors of Houghton Mifflin although then never return my calls; A naked modeling mannequin; A painting of Jimmie JJ Walker from the TV show Good Times (My childhood artist mentor); My copier station with several hundred unused American Showcase ad tear sheets.

PHOTO SET 5: A template I made for creating and adjusting the colors on my computer-generated art; A catalog sheet for the book A Camping Spree with Mr. McGee (this book looks retro-cool); 1960s Sylvania Solid State stereo that my grandfather gave me but keeps bugging me to give back because although I think Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie are cool people, and I do like old-school, I'm not that old-school; A homemade rooster wing belonging to Brother Rooster that I made to study for the purpose of seeing how a roosters wing actually bends, used as reference for a children's book I'm illustrating; Several thumbnail sketches for the book; My hubcap clock and me now in a much better mood now that I've had my morning coffee.


paula said...

I think you may have to redo the last post. The pics are laying over type and, well, it looks all screwed up. I've refreshed, left your blog and come back, all with the same results so don't think it's me. And your previous posts look fine.

I'll check back later. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I just ran across your blog. You have some very funny posts!
Keep up the good work!

ManNMotion said...

OK, don't tell her I said this but, just between you and me, you should go and use some of those strawberry print towels once in a while just to show her you still wear the pants lol.

*Disclaimer in case she reads this post: I didn't write this, someone must have broken into my computer*

Great post

paula said...

Sorry, Don. I was wrong. Your post/site it fine. I just wasn't looking at it *right*.

The Archivist said...

I like the photos, they're very insightful.