Monday, March 28, 2005

Post Easter observations

My son (left) with his cousins

Cooking fem-fatal
Easter dinner, two women from separate households, and one kitchen just don't mix.

Up the river with no paddle, or Easter dress
We did Easter in Fort Worth spending the night with our cousins, four hours away from our home in Austin. Easter morning I find myself almost fully dressed for church, when I turn to discover the wife standing behind me fully dressed. Almost. High heels, stockings, and slip. No Easter Dress.

"Honey, did you pack my Easter dress?" She ask me with a countenance of humor mixed with horror.

"No, sweetie. I didn't you pack your dress?" I answer with a returned look of "you're kidding me, right?"

"Uh-oh!" We say simotanesly.

What do we do at 9:15 a.m. and the service starts at 9:30, and the wife has no dress?

Walmart! And since the service lasted almost 5 hours, the dress dilemma was a blessing in disguise. Amen!

Easter is the only day you'll find a black man up in church wearing a bright-pink, lime-green, or lilac-purple, pin-striped, three-piece suit with a knee-length jacket and matching alligator shoes (same color as suit, of course). Topped off with a God Father style derby and you got one colorful brotha. I always wonder where they find these suits. Not the Dillard's we shop at.

Ghetto weaves
One 4-foot tall woman, plus 3 feet-high of synthetic hair weave, plus 5 bottles of Freeze-Hold hair spray equals one wildly-coiffured, 7-foot tall, Easter-basket-ish looking hairstyle. Complete with gift bows.

Easter eggs
Easter has to be the only time of the year a kid gets excited about receiving and actually eating hard-boiled eggs.

Always find myself sort of displaced at Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. The unwritten rule states that the men congregate to watch football, basketball or anything ESPN. The women congregate to discuss hair, shopping or the men. My interests lie in none of the above. So I take a convenient nap.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned obversations reflect the thoughts of Devas T. Not the wife.


Diva said...

Ha! That's a cute story. I do admit though that I was a bit surprised at your wife's asking YOU if YOU packed her Easter dress. LOL My husband would rather die than to assume ANY responsibility in packing my belongings. Ha! Ha! Take care, D.

The Archivist said...

In ref. to Diva's comment, your wife is not like many wives - most would pack the dress themselves because their husbands don't know how to pack their dresses correctly.

indigene said...

Oh my! I couldn't stop laughing when I read this! I thought I was the only one who notice this stuff on Easter! It's the one day I actually don't like going to church. Yes, I know it sounds horrible! Thank you for your honesty and thank you for letting me know, that my husband and I are not the only ones who think this way!
Although my husband is so much kinder than me!