Friday, February 25, 2005

It's been a good week when...

...i receive an advance and signed contract for a new children's book.

...someone notices one of my blog entries and suggest I try to get it published in the newspaper.

...i receive a contract in the mail for a new licensing deal.

...i receive a royalty from Disney. Lunch money, but none the less who can say Mickey Mouse treated them to lunch at Hula Hut.

...when my teen-aged daughter who never gets out of bed before noon unless theres an earthquake or natural disaster quickly wakes up to return my call upon discovering it was me who text messaged her.

...neither of our cars break down although my truck is smoking profusely. son screams an enthusiastic "HI DADDY, MOMMY IT'S MY DADDY" when I call home to be sure they're still up and waiting for me when I get off of work.

...i receive an unexpected royalty from my bed and bath collection. Lunch money for the next two years. publisher mails the art specifications for my book which should have been sent five months ago. Hey, better late than never and if I miss the deadline, I have one helluvan excuse. out-of-the-question, $45.00 shirt is on sale for $3.50 and I actually can afford to buy 8 of 'em, giving me a reason to actually like shopping when I normally can't stand it.

...a child support check is returned to me because my teen-aged daughter is now of age and I no longer have to support my ex-wife's now defunct weekly shopping sprees.

...i can finally afford to pay a lawn service to cut my overgrown, weedy and fireant infested grass.

...when my mom sends me a nice personal email message complementing my fathering skills instead of forwarding me more spam, internet urban legends, or virus alerts.

...the cashier IDs me for a beer and she's seriously shocked to discover that I'm old enough to be her dad. 23-year old out-and-gone daughter sends a text message to remind me that "Ur still my daddy." (she must need some money)

... my wife does the laundry and neatly folds up my underwear just like I like, even though she thinks underwear-folding is ridiculously unnecessary and balls hers up in a pile.

Indeed, it's been a good week.

Unrelated thought for the day: An African Pope? A black African Pope? That's the chatter! I could have alot of fun with this. But I won't. Not yet anyway.

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The Archivist said...

Mate, that doesn't sound like a good week. That sounds like a BRILLIANT week!