Monday, February 28, 2005

I think I'll start a blog

The first time I heard the word "blog," it alarmed me. Blog. It was a Wired magazine meets Edgar Allan Poe meets Startrek moment. And when used in the same sentence as the internet, it sent a whole mirage of formidable images to my brain.

But not to worry, just a new internet term referring to an online journal. Web-log, blog. Get it? Think I'll give it a try.

Here's how my friends and family reacted:

My wife: Your going to keep a diary?
What she was probably thinking: Oh, please don't make me read your writing.

My aunt: Not me, I'm an author. I get paid to write.
What she was probably thinking: Why can't he leave the writing to us pros and go back to coloring his books?

My daughter: Dad, Ewwww! I don't want to read about you!
What she was probably thinking: Hasn't he figured it out? I want to talk about me. My life. Me, myself, I.

My wife: Why would you want to keep a journal for the world to see, but you wouldn't do a Purpose Filled Life journal with me?
What she was probably thinking: Wonder if this blogging-thing will last as long as the bodybuilding-thing did.

My yahoo group: I've got a blog. I've got one, too. Have you seen mine?
What they were probably thinking: Show off.

My mom: What's a blog?
What she was probably thinking: Blug. Blog. Blue? He's using some new internet word that he's going to be mad at me about if I don't know what in the world he's talking about. Googling, Yahooing, downloading, oh my gosh!

My wife: Oh, I haven't seen it yet.
What she was probably thinking: I cook your stinkin' dinner, I wash your filthy drawers, I clean your dirty dishes. Please, don't ask me to read your freakin' blog. Honey.

My in-laws: (never returned my emails)
What they would think: Blog? When's he going to make some money and buy my daughter some curtains for her naked kitchen windows. Till that time, I don't want to hear about no...what's that word again?

My coworkers: Oh.
What they were probably thinking: I could care less about what you do once you leave here. Or for that matter, when you're here. Could you work for me on Saturday?

My boss: That's cool! How can I start a blog on customizing car engines?
What he was probably thinking: This guy's cool, he deserves a raise.

One of my author friends: Great! I'll blog you on my blog tomorrow!
What she was probably thinking: Great! I'll blog you on my blog tomorrow!

Unrelated thought for the day: Cheers for Jamie Fox and Morgan Freeman


Anonymous said...

hahahhaa! This is great.
I think the worst part is the name. What a word to try and explain to people. BLOG. It just sounds...I don't know...ick. I guess because it sounds so much like "BOG" which is a slang word in England for TOILET. hahahha!

The Archivist said...

I loved the people's thoughts and comments!