Thursday, February 17, 2005

Google, Blogger and Amazon. The Anti-Christ?

Children's books supplement my salary. News and information pays my bills. So when my boss shared with me this little, well not so little 8-minute flash movie, it kinda scared me. Course, the spooky music didn't help.

Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, who wrote the film while working at the Poynter Institute offer an intriguing, almost frightening perspective of the future history of the media entitled 2014 Museum of Media History. And according to these folks, us bloggers are early contributors to the demise of the press and information as we know it today. Check it out. If anything, you'll find yourself pondering the possibilities they offer.

iMEDIA CONNECTION discusses the theroy this film offers.

Better get back to my children's book because according to these folks, the future sure ain't at the newspaper. But who ever said mine was anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a newspaper reporter who's kept up with technology, and I must say the only newspaper I buy is the one I work for. I read every other publication and the news online. So, there is some truth to this. Definitely. It doesn't have to be all bad, though. Maybe talented writers and reporters will shine more in an online community. And the same with artists. And maybe The New York Times and other papers won't exactly fold, but morph into online sources that would be content providers for a wider audience.