Thursday, January 20, 2005 pays off

It's been a year since I signed on with, a creative source for art buyers looking for illustration talent. My online portfolio cost about about a third of what the source books charge, and my investment has multiplied more than 27 times.

Until I took out the ad, business had slowed. I was doing no marketing or phone calls. I did no art sample mailings. Business died.

Early in my career, I mastered marketing. Business rarely slowed. But I took it for granted that business would stay good and lived off the momentum created early on. I figured that once I had a book published, editors would beat my door down for more. Ha!

Someone in one of my yahoo groups suggested I was skeptical, but after uploading my art, I got new business within the first 8 weeks. That call more than paid for the ad. Better than most agents, and collects no commissions.

It's a great source for illustrators not wanting to invest thousands in illustration source books. There's a few others out there. and I think even Picturebook also offers an online portfolio without having to advertise in the book. If you want to focus on christian-themed illustration, theres sites for that as well. They all may return the same results, I don't know. What I do know is that many of these others visited theispot and solicited me to advertise on their sites.

Interesting observation though. All the request were from art buyers in need of African American subject matter. Nothing wrong with that. I’m African American and my portfolio reflects that. But sometime, I’d just like for someone to request my skills at painting — maybe fish.

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The Archivist said...

You seem to be expressing a wish that people would focus on all of your art instead of just one aspect of it.

Sometimes... the people out there can't see the entire thing and will only concentrate on one thing.

That's hard.