Friday, January 14, 2005

Now available in paperback!

Wasn't very excited at first. Summer Sun Risin', my first book to publish with Lee and Low Books recently re-released as a paperback. My beautiful, hard-bound, dust-covered book featuring my photo and bio is now sold as a paperback. Without my photograph! Ok, it's an ego thing. But, isn't that like when a major motion picture is re-released on video, from the big screen, to your TV screen? Do we get excited?

I shot off a letter to my editor. Why? I mean when a book goes to paperback, doesn't that mean something went very wrong?

To the contrary, she wrote back. Summer Sun Risin' was listed as a Best Children's Book of the Year for 2002 by the Bank Street College of Education as well as making the Children's Crown Award 2003, National Christian School Association Master List. That recognition along with having received excellent reviews in trade journals and The New York Times Book Review has made for a strong sales record.

At the same time paperbacks are printed, more hardcover will be printed also. We're just reaching for new markets.

Also, offering the book as a less expensive paperback will help get it into the hands of children whose families may not be able to afford a $16.00 hard-bound book. And most children's books go out of print after a couple of years, so this is good.

I received my copies in the mail, hot off the press, today. They look fantastic! Thanks Lee and Low for your great work at publishing quality multicultural children's literature!


Cynthia Leitich Smith said...

Congratulations on the paperback publication of Summer Sun Risin'! This is HUGE news. Not only is it indicative of tremendous hardcover sales, it also will make the book available to a wider array of young readers. Yahoo!

The Archivist said...

Congratulations on your success. The release of a book from hardback into paperback is a great thing!