Saturday, January 08, 2005

Enough blogging, more sketching

Blogging takes more time than I thought. Did lots of blogging this week but not much sketching, which is why there’s no entries about my work. I need to catch up, so I'm taking a few days off.

In the meantime, the burning question. Who's Devas T?

I was no athlete in high school, so I flipped burgers. Always been a workaholic, I guess. I worked for Hardees and they were known for their so-called healthier grilled burgers. I had to run this machine that toasted the buns and char-broiled the burgers. The burgers went through the machine on a grill, but the buns had to be put on a tray which sat on the grill.

One day I put the tray into the machine lopsided. When I discovered this, I tried snatching it out. When snatching failed, I tried pulling with force. All seven-foot tall, three-feet wide, 900-pounds of grill falls crash on its side. The sound must have lit up the whole mall. Being the nervous personality that I was (Ok still am), I tended to do clumsy things often. Once we realize that were all still alive, and nobody's burnt up, a coworker yells out, "DevasTATEing!, you're such a Devas!" The name stuck.

Years later my younger brother is also coined Devas by his high school friends (shh, he copied). And my youngest brother has decided that his first born son, if he has one, will be named, you guessed it. Devas! It's a family thing.

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The Archivist said...

So-called... meaning they weren't?

Interesting take on how your name was coined.