Thursday, January 06, 2005

Cleaning the closet

I have a junk-filled closet in my studio. You know the one, you have one too. Everything you don’t have time to deal with now, but someday, gets thrown there. I needed to clean it out. Needed room for more junk. 20
years of stuff crammed into a 5-year old closet.

Here's what I re-discovered:

- A file full of rejection letters. "We reviewed your samples...your talent and fine work...good sense of color...HOWEVER." I hate the however.

- A 3-year old picture book manuscript that I wrote in which author friend
Cynthia Leitich Smith was gracious enough to critique for me. I'll
someday get this published.

- $350.00 in bills from an ex-agent. Did I say EX!

- A letter from an art buyer warning me about yet another agent.

- A letter from a lawyer threatening me on behalf of the above mentioned agent.

- 5-years and a couple trees worth of SCBWI newsletters and rosters.

- Every birthday, valentine, thinking of you card given to me from my wife during our first year of marriage.

- Half-empty bottle of posing oil from my long-gone-by-and-skinny bodybuilding days.

- A one-of-these-days-were-going-to-collaborate-on-another-book manuscript written by my Aunt Elenora E. Tate

- Autographed books by Brian Pinkney, Walter Dean Myers and Joan Lowery Nixon that I received at publishers author party while attending an IRA conference.

- About $200 in misplaced over-the- years tax receipts that I could have
deducted but obviously didn't.

- $$$ in outdated computer equipment, software, manuals and floppy discs. (Remember those?)

- A picture I drew of mommy at 3-years old. Told ya I started young.

- 3 years worth of old featured-author name tags from the Texas Book Festival.

- Photos and conference notes from a Black Storytellers convention, Mertle Beach - years ago.

- A Victoria's Secret catalog (I won't discuss that here)

- An unsigned, unreturned contract  for a book cover published with Just Us Books.

...And a partridge in a pear treeee...

No, not really.

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The Archivist said...

I have a closet like that. I'm scared of what I might find in it.

You kept a picture you drew over 18 years ago?

A VS catalogue?!